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How to Complete a CFA Title Claim Form

To claim your cat’s title, you must complete the CFA Official Championship/ Premiership Claim Form.

They must be complete and mailed (or emailed) to the CFA office before the opening day of the next show in which the cat is entered.

Six (6) qualifying rings, earned competing as the same color and/or pattern are required for the title of Champion of Premier.

The cat’s CFA registration number must be printed in the catalog.

Complete the form and send with the confirmation fee of $15.00 (US) to the CFA Central Office, 260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601.
完成表格填写后请连同确认费15美金一起邮寄至Cfa中心办公室,地址为:260 East Main Street, Alliance OH 44601

Please complete the form using English letters. You should translate Chinese into Pinyin otherwise the CFA Office cannot enter the data into our computer system.

Complete the form as follows:

1. CFA Registration # ONLY: the registration number as shown on the CFA Certificate of Registration; include any letters such as "M" or "S"

2. Name of Cat: The registered name of the cat as shown on the CFA Certificate of Registration. Maximum 35 characters. Titles are not included.

3. Championship or Premiership: Check the appropriate box for the title being claimed

4. Owner: The name of the registered owner exactly as shown on the CFA Certificate of Registration OR the name of the lessee of a cat. Maximum 40 characters.

5. Address: Street address of the owner or lessee shown including the City, State/Country and postal code

6. Date of Show: Show Dates

7. Name of Show & Location: Club name of the show entered and the City and State/Province where show was held

8. Judge: List each judge who qualified your cat independently (on a different line)


打印表格 (Claim Form)